Limelight Continues its Green Streak

Blog Post created by egalioglu on Jun 22, 2017

At Limelight, we’re proud of the accomplishments we’ve made over the years in improving our bottom line while reducing our carbon footprint. These accomplishments are great for us, and they’re important to customers because we can provide better service and support while also protecting the environment.


While I’m thrilled with the financial performance of our company, I’m equally as proud of the fact we’ve been able to achieve these results while being an environmentally conscious company.


To-date, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by a phenomenal 21%—an all-time high for Limelight. While that reduction in itself is significant, we’ve achieved these results while growing our network reach by more than 60% and increasing the number of markets we serve by over 15%


Through our continued efforts, we estimate that we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by more than 3 metric tons! That’s enough capacity to power 400 households for a year or Stowe Vermont’s entire population of 4,000 for a month


The best news is that our desire to be greener is still strong—and we have multiple projects in progress across our geographies that will make even more significant contributions to lower our carbon footprint. 


Stay tuned for more!