Addressing Global Demand for Delivering Exceptional Online Experiences

Blog Post created by debbyhohler on Jul 20, 2017

To support rapidly increasing traffic and bandwidth needs, Limelight is continually increasing its network capacity and expanding its global Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide.


Limelight continued its investment in infrastructure this month by adding three new Points-of-Presence in India. Located in Bombay, Chennai and Delhi, the new PoPs address the growing market demand for world-class CDN services and capabilities. See the news here.


One of the key internet connectivity problems in India is wide variations in connection speeds depending on location, coupled with sporadic surges. The current infrastructure simply doesn’t provide good connectivity reliably and to all regions.


Here’s where Limelight and CDNs come into play. A CDN can act as distributed server that delivers content such as web pages and video to people via service provider last mile connections. The Limelight CDN, for instance, can move massive amounts of content around the country rapidly. This method minimizes latency, or slow response times, and TCP connection optimization eases the traffic load on a customer’s own network. Limelight’s CDN also provides protection against large traffic surges, such as when people watch a live streaming event.


Many of the world’s largest media, entertainment, software and gaming companies already use Limelight to deliver their content into India. But with the new PoPs, Limelight can now help domestic enterprises in the country deliver truly exceptional customer experiences.