What’s New in Self-Service

Blog Post created by charlierussell on Jul 21, 2017

Today we’re taking a peek at Control, Limelight’s self-service portal, to see recent features and enhancements.


If your company delivers online content — streaming video, rich web pages, games, file downloads, e-commerce and more — you know or use Limelight. Limelight is a leader in content delivery, with a track record of high performance and availability on a global scale.


Limelight Control gives customers secure, 24x7 access to the Limelight Orchestrate Platform. Customers can monitor their content delivery, order and configure services, manage content, analyze usage, and access online support.


Here’s the latest in Limelight Control.

Easy Setup of Backup Origin

Origin storage, the content source for delivery networks, can become the critical path on cache miss. But if the content isn’t found in origin storage, it’s time for the dreaded 404 error. You can solve that problem by configuring a backup origin.


Limelight Control lets users define a backup origin when creating or editing a configuration. Users now see an additional field in the Failover section of a configuration screen, which can request content from an alternative backup origin host and base URL path on 404 error. This feature is necessary when Intelligent Ingest is enabled and its rules need to locate backup content on a specific origin path while insuring that the cache key is preserved. The field accepts both HTTP & HTTPS hostnames.



Referer Blocking and Whitelisting

For additional content security, customers can now either block (blacklist) or allow (whitelist) requests from specified domains. The new Referer Blocking capability is available in Content Security configurations for Static Content, Websites & Apps, and HTTP Chunked Streaming.



Better Management of “Do Not Cache”

A new “Do Not Cache” option in Caching Rules provides finer control over content caching behavior. This option can be applied individually to chunks and manifests for a Chunked Streaming configuration.



Origin Storage: Faster Provisioning, and Configuring Intelligent Ingest

A new and improved Users section in Origin Storage (Cloud Storage) allows for much faster provisioning in Control. In addition, a new set of tools streamlines to configuration of Intelligent Ingest.


Intelligent Ingest automates migration of content to Limelight Origin Storage, which offers dramatically better performance and availability than ordinary storage solutions. The new Intelligent Ingest configuration page provides summary information at the top, including Status (Active, Inactive or Disabled), Storage Quota (if quota is set; % and total
disk usage), Bandwidth (the ingest bandwidth limit for the remote hosts) and Threads (the number of request threads running on the remote hosts). A list of existing Intelligent Ingest rules appears below the summary. For each rule, the content paths for both Origin Storage and the remote host are shown.


New Traffic Report (beta)

A redesigned Traffic report beta is now available to company admins (access to users coming soon). The new report focuses on analytics rather than plain reporting – the data visualizations are multidimensional and interactive. The modernized interface simplifies navigation and consolidates multiple reports into a tabbed workflow that drives insight while saving clicks. Users can view their data across multiple accounts (shortnames), and drill into nested information within the main visualization. All data is now sourced from our leading real-time analytics platform – EdgeQuery. It also features a fresh new look and feel.



Administrator Control of User Access to Segments

Company administrators have a new option for user reports permissions called “Realtime Data Segments”. Admins can control user access to data segments via these settings.



Bonus: Managing Data Segments via API

A Data Segment (previously known as a Custom View) is a filtered view of report data in Control, for use cases such as analyzing traffic for specific content. Now, customers that use API control can access and manage Data Segments via the Reporting API (Application Programming Interface) just like any master segment.


Try It For Yourself!

If you’re a Limelight customer, take these new features out for a spin. Log in with your username and password at Limelight Control customer portal.


If you’re not yet a Limelight customer, request a free trial.