Preparing for the Retail Holiday Season - Making Your List and Checking It Twice

Blog Post created by mmilligan on Sep 18, 2017

The make-or-break holiday sales rush is just around the corner.  With ecommerce accounting for an increasingly larger share of the retail pie, there’s no leeway for technology glitches.



With the holiday shopping season almost here, ecommerce retailers need to make sure their websites are ready to deliver.  Limelight’s 5 Tips to Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Shopping Season provides an overview of the steps ecommerce retailers need to take to prepare. 


Scaling to Meet Demand

Scalability and high performance are at the top of the list of must-haves.  Every year, the media highlights website outages at major retailers who were unable to meet peak holiday demand.  Load testing of back-end systems prior to the increased holiday demand will ensure you are able to continue generating revenue during the busiest time of the year without disruption. 



Website security also needs to be an important element of any ecommerce strategy.  Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a growing threat from malicious attackers who want to take down websites, particularly during high-profile events and key times of the year.  In addition, hackers are increasingly targeting sensitive customer data such as credit card information.  The impact to an online retailer who has been hacked goes far beyond the costs of remediating the security breach.  The loss of reputation will impact future sales, as customers wonder whether the retailer can be trusted in the future.


Optimize for Mobile

With so many shoppers using mobile devices to research products and make online purchases, websites need to be optimized for mobile retail to ensure content loads quickly and correctly on any device.  Most consumers expect websites to load just as fast on a mobile device as on a desktop or laptop computer according to Limelight’s State of the User Experience report.  To maximize revenue, your web site needs to deliver the best possible retail experience on any device. 


A Platform for Ecommerce Success

The Limelight Orchestrate Platform provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you deliver a compelling e-tail experience.  Check this list, and check it twice to ensure a successful 2017 retail holiday season.