Fix Your Weakest Link – And Reduce Your Cost

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Deliver your content better and faster, with minimum effort, and save money


The majority of all internet traffic is now delivered using CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) – video, websites, file downloads, games, web stores and more. You may already be using a CDN to provide faster response and more consistent quality than the open internet. Could it be even better? At lower cost?


Read on. You'll learn about:

  1. The weakest link in many CDN delivery chains
  2. Proven techniques that offer dramatic improvements
  3. How to gain substantial benefits while reducing cost 


What’s the weak link in CDN delivery?

Weakest link in a chain

Billions of times every day, one critical component in content delivery is exposed. It's not something many people think about much. Yet it's often the weakest link in the content delivery chain. When it's exposed, quality of experience can drop suddenly. Those fast response times can suddenly become long waits. That consistent quality can suddenly become consistently bad. 


This weak link gets exposed every time someone requests content that isn't found close to them, in the edge cache. When that happens, the CDN needs to retrieve the content from origin storage. And that retrieval from origin storage is often the weak link in the delivery chain.


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When content is in edge cache, response time is often measured in tens of milliseconds.


Response time to retrieve from origin storage is far more variable. Yes, origin storage can also respond in tens of milliseconds – if it's high-performance, distributed, and well-integrated with the CDN. But with ordinary cloud storage, response time can be hundreds or even thousands of milliseconds.


Today's audience is far too impatient for ordinary storage.


What's the solution for CDN origin storage?

The highest-performance, lowest-cost solution is detailed in the next two sections.

  • In this section, we'll briefly highlight some techniques to improve response time and throughput from origin storage. 
  • In the next section, you'll learn how to enjoy the benefits of these best-practices techniques for less than you'd pay for ordinary storage


Limelight has spent years developing the optimal origin storage specifically and uniquely for CDN workflows. Here are some of the techniques employed, and the associated benefits. 


92-200% faster than ordinary cloud storage 

Limelight Origin Storage Services are really, really fast. Your users may not even notice a difference vs. delivery out of cache. How is it so fast? It isn't easy. One key technique is borrowed from CDN cache design: locate multiple storage instances of content close to where your users are – except Limelight does it with origin storage, and does it automatically based on policies you select. Another key technique is to tightly integrate the storage within the CDN itself, often even in the same racks as the edge cache devices. Talk about fast retrieval!  


Automatically accelerate the exact content your users value

Who doesn't love to maximize benefit with minimum effort? We call this technique Intelligent Ingest. It was complex for Limelight to implement, but for you? Just switch it on. Next time a user requests content that isn’t in the CDN, it’s automatically retrieved from current origin and delivered – and also stored in Limelight Origin Storage. Future requests will be much faster. Listen to your customers, and give them what they want -- automatically. 

listen to your audience


100% availability at no extra cost

An unexpected outage means full-on panic, drop everything, call the gang and tell them you're not coming home. Limelight uses multiple techniques to provide 100% availability.  Triple redundancy, and always in separate regions so even a major regional outage isn't an issue. Automatic retrieval from the fastest of the redundant locations. And automatic high-speed failover if a location does go down. And there's no extra cost for all that protection. 




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And the list goes on. When it comes to CDN Origin Storage, nobody beats Limelight Origin Storage Services.


Yes, it's a premium offering -- or is it?


You MUST read the final section!


Lower cost than ordinary storage


In a bold move, Limelight recently announced a program that makes its superior origin storage lower cost than ordinary storage.



There are two components of the program that make this lower cost possible:

  1. Price matching. Limelight will match the effective rate that companies are currently paying for their origin storage. Even though the Limelight Origin Storage solution offers superior performance, availability, and CDN automation features, Limelight is willing to match price with current offerings. And don't worry -- Limelight will offer competitive pricing even If you're not able to take advantage of price matching. 
  2. 60 days no-cost risk-free trial of Limelight Origin Storage. With no obligation, unlimited storage capacity is available at no cost. Adding 60 days of free storage to a price match translates to lower overall cost. 


To streamline the content migration, Limelight is even offering free assistance. Both modes of Intelligent Ingest will be provided at no cost. In addition to Load on Demand mode mentioned above, Manifest mode allows ingest based on a list of files to upload. In addition, Limelight is offering a no-cost expert consultation to help get you smoothly on your way.


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Get better performance, make life easier – and save

It turns out, the weakest link in many CDN delivery chains is origin storage. The drop in performance can be significant, seriously impacting Quality of Experience – but it doesn't need to be that way. Limelight Origin Storage fixes the weak link, with proven techniques that offer dramatic improvements in performance and availability, while making life easier for you. And now, you can get premium origin storage for less than you'd pay for ordinary storage. 


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